Saturday, February 5, 2011

Real Antiques that Pottery Barn Knocked Off.......

Well I am one step on the other side of thirty since my birthday was Friday, but I sure have had an awesome weekend so far. For my birthday dinner we went to our favorite restaurant and had an amazing meal. After dinner we went to Cirque De Soleil. It was awesome.

This morning my girlfriends Brandi, Dustie, and I went shopping for antiques. We went to one of my favorite shops Charles Phillips Antiques, who I highly recommend. (I also purchased the mirror that is in my foyer from them last fall.) It technically isn't a shop but a farm with several buildings with furniture in each. There are also architecturals, windows, shutters, and anything else that you could imagine. Well it may have not been the best day to go searching through buildings without heat since it was barely 50 out, but we persevered and I came away a winner.

I walked away with two dough bowls, one for the dining room table and one as a catch all for our nook. The dough bowl decision was extremely hard because there were at least 50 in different shapes and sizes. Luckily the dough bowls were about half the price of Pottery Barn's. I'm not positive what I am going to do with the dough bowl in the dining room yet, but I think that once my dad and mom are both over the flu I may steal some orchids and decorate with them. I will let you know. (Plus come spring I may share a few pics of my dad's greenhouse. He has one of the largest private collections in Alabama, which means he only collects and doesn't sell.)

For our nook I also purchased a chest that is very similar to one found at Pottery Barn. I think though that the color of mine fits a little bit better in to our color scheme. The price tag is also much more affordable, which makes me happy. I mean we are talking about more than half the price less. Can I hear a yipee??????

With the small dough bowl on the chest we have now finished the nook that is located right off of our garage. It is also the walk through from our garage to the kitchen and our to our upstairs. Originally we had thought to put a second refrigerator in this nook, but I am glad this is going to be our catch all. The bowl currently has keys, a cell phone, my sunglasses, and Dennis' wallet. I think it will become very useful. Plus I am sick of seeing mail everywhere.

By the way I just had a suprise party thrown by some of my closest friends and I can without a doubt say that I have the greatest friends and family. Thanks guys for everything.


Chandra Chinnis said...[Reply to comment]

Can't wait to see what you found.

Tisha said...[Reply to comment]

I picked up a dough bowl today. I am so excited to use it. Don't know what for yet, but it is mine.

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