Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Front Door Wreath

Well currently my front door wreath is sitting on  the kitchen table..........

I love it especially with its witch legs, but I couldn't put it out today due to about two inches of rain. So that's about how my week has gone so far. At least the wreath didn't come crashing down when I put it one the hook on the wall.

I am having a bit of a problem putting a hook in the back so it was hanging up by ribbon. Ugh!! I need a fix for that issue.
What do you think about those legs?
I can't seem to get into the fall decorating yet because it is still getting close to 90 here. This weekend is suppose to be much cooler so I hope to get a bit more in the fall decorating spirit. That is one of the things about living in the deep South. I am excited about Halloween because it is the first one in our house.
What the wreath looked like before the Deco-Mesh (I love that stuff.)
By the way I am super glad that it did rain because I planted a whole bunch of mums (yep in 90 degree heat) and they sure need some water. Please stay tuned for the reveal of the new and improved entrance.

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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Bar Stools are Half Way There!!!

When we moved into our house the former owners left us some nifty little treats other than the mirrors. One of those treats were four bar stools. I was extremely excited about the bar stools except for two major things, their color and their fabric. I am not real sure though if you have priced bar stools lately but they are super expensive, so free is always the best.
Ugly blue.

Easy fix to the color problems........but one that has taken me almost a year to get to. Surprise, Surprise seems that it takes me awhile to get around to everything.

I decided to only do two at a time because we use these babies all of the time and if I had all four of them missing I would be lost. We don't eat these, but when we have friends over (which isn't often enough) everyone sits at these stools so they have to be gorgeous.

 So first two bar stools headed to the garage for what I thought would be a quick little project. Wrong, Again!! I bought Rustoleum Gloss White Protective Enamel. I guess I should have read the directions a little more carefully. I had to wait a whole 24 hours between each application, but hey I was only going to need two max....right?!?!? Wrong!!! I needed three and could have used four, but I was super impatient to finish the project. It was a good thing that I painted these in the garage because it was an oil based paint.

 Well once I was finished with the painting I removed the ugly blue fabric thinking that maybe I would find some pretty cushions. Ha, Ha, my life is not that easy. Yep those ugly cushions are what I found. O well I had already prepared myself for a cushion change so it didn't bother me that bad.
Well after three coats of paint and recovering the cushions with some of my lovely stash fabric I am in love. I was actually looking for a different fabric but couldn't find anything that I absolutely love so I used fabric in my stash that I loved.
 I love the way these look can I say, I think they fit me to a tee. I can't wait to finish the other two then we will have a matching set of four. I think they will help pull the bar area together.
Perhaps the completion of this little project will get me started thinking about curtains.  By the way stay tuned I think I am going to reveal the craft room on Monday. Yippee!! By the way I have some more post coming this week, I promised that I was a busy girl.

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Monday, September 12, 2011

Is It Fall?!?!?!?

Really??? Can it be time for fall already? Well here in the deep south we did have a little blast of fall last week...that means our high was in the low 80's.

I was supposed to do yard work today and finish my craft room. I found a rug that I need to purchase tomorrow for the craft room and I didn't do any yard work. So basically I didn't do anything on my to do list. (Again!)

I did do my fall mantle. It needs a few adjustments, but this is what it will look like for awhile. I spent a grand total of $9.00 on it. Woo Hoo!!!

Everything else I had from last year. I had planned on decorating our house last year, but we surprisingly sold our house much quicker than I thought so I had tons of left overs from last year.

The only new items I bought were the pumpkin from Hobby Lobby for 1/2 price and the candle in the lantern for 1/2 price.

On to making my making my Halloween wreath!!! Stay tuned on my To Do list this week is also to do the bar stools. (We will see how it works out!)

Have a great rest of the week!!

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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Brand New Blog Design!!

Today I launched my Brand New Blog Design. There are things that I will be changing here and there over the next couple of days so please be patient with me. I had this scheduled long before our dear friend passed away so I am a little bit overwhelmed trying to get everything done right now. (I think it is him playing a joke on me, or that could have been the Auburn game Saturday.........)

I still have several projects that I am working on including my craft room which is just about finished and our bar stools that I have been wanting to do since we moved in.

Plus it is that time of year....Fall. The air is actually crisp here in Mobile today. I have several projects planned for the season, decorating and in the yard. So please stay tuned and keep me on my toes.

By the way I would like to thank the ladies over at Smitten Blog Designs for getting this blog looking like something that I can be proud of.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Jump Start on Halloween

Well I am linking to Nester's Wreath Party and I had no intention of having a Halloween wreath, but I am rolling with the punches. I had intended on doing a wreath supporting the football teams that Dennis and I support, but my crimson Deco-mesh is on backordered. O'well.

I also had planned on doing a larger wreath for our front door for Halloween, but I ran out of black ribbon so I did an indoor wreath. Our Michael's is moving and the ribbon department has already left and of course Hobby Lobby isn't opened today. Hancock wasn't opened today (not real sure why does anyone have a guess?) This is what that wreath will be made of. I can't wait.

I am not quite sure how I feel about it, I have never been a huge orange fan. I also used pipe insulator from Lowes. I cut one in half. I learned this trick from Pinterest. By the way take note you may get smart remarks from men in Lowes telling you it isn't the right time of year to insulate pipes. Thanks!!

I used orange deco mesh ribbon and just regular ribbon that I purchased at Michael's. And yes I can make a bow, but as the rest of this project went I am out of wire and hot glue stick. (How does that happen?)

Hope that you guys stay tuned for our house divided wreath along with our front door Halloween wreath. Think witches feet.

I am also about to have a huge change on the blog so you will have a big surprise in the next couple of days.

By the way we are having a very rainy day. We have had a bit more than 10 inches since Friday....ugh. Luckily the house just has some debris,but our Florida room door is leaking so we will have to check that out. I hope everyone else is doing well from Lee.