Thursday, October 6, 2011

31 Day Challenge - Day 6

Woo Hoo - I got a raise today:)

This is literally the very first raise that I have gotten since 2007. Well that's what I get for working in the construction industry for so long. I am over the moon.

I also got to go to my nephew's football game today. His team lost but Hunter recovered a fumble. SCORE!!!!!!! This weekend is going to be nuts so stay tuned:)

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

31 Day Challenge - Day 5

The craziness of having dogs. Yep at times in this house it feels more like a zoo than a home.

Shea our first at our old house.
For example last Thursday night 15 minutes before leaving two of the three dogs come running in covered in mud. Gee thanks so they had to have a bath immediately before I left. Friday night before leaving the one dog that didn't have a bath the night before came in caked mud. So dressed completely up, I picked up a muddy, wriggly dog who refused to get a bath. That was just a taste of things to come.

Wolfie our second yep he is on the counter at our old house.
The dogs have all had a total of 10 baths in the last week. They are by far the cleanest dogs in the neighborhood and perhaps in Mobile at the moment.

Next up by dogs have sonar hearing. Yep they have turned into bats. They can hear the raccoons in our backyard. I mean it has gotten so bad the neighbor has asked to borrow our Shea to get rid of the raccoons. Um, raccoons are scary and carry rabies. I am sorry I can't do that to her.
Joe are newest and nuttiest.

Well our dogs definitely help us lead a crazy life. If it is bringing squirrels into the house or taking underwear into the yard you never know what they may do.

Fall Yard Update

Driveway beds before.
I so wish my mums would bloom
For those of you who know Dennis and I know that the reason that we bought this house was because of the backyard. Yes the deciding factor of the house was because our dogs would love the back yard. Our front yard wasn't to shabby either. We really haven't had to do much to either the front yard or the back yard, but there was something that was driving me crazy.

Ready for the mums to explode.
We had no color several times during the year. Yep that's right there was no spot for any perennials. We had tons of dailies, azaleas, and camellias, but no where for different color throughout the year.
Before around the mailbox
Well for the fall I wanted to change that. I pulled up the dailies around the mailboxes and at the end of the driveway. I also pulled up the half dead camellias and remade the flower beds

I redid the beds with mums and filled them new pine straw. I can't wait until December for my favorite, pansies and kale. Yippee!!! One of the good things about living in the South. Pansies in the dead of winter:)

Well that is my fall yard. I know lame.........I just can't quite get in the decorating spirit quite yet. 85 is just to hot for fall.


My wreath did make it out on the front door and I am stoked...don't you love the door color (or course I am kidding)?
Look at our Satsumas, we can't wait.
I linked up to Thrifty Decor Chick's Fall Yard Party.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

31 Day Challenge - Day 4

So in this Crazy Life I have to deal with Migranes.......

The first one I remember is when I was a freshman in high school. It was the most horrible pain that I had ever I thought.

I was wrong. The older I got the worse they became. In fact up until two years ago I was getting them two or three times a week and going through a 500 bottle of Advil ever two months. Not good. Dennis finally put his foot down and told me that I needed help. Boy did I ever. I was prescribed Topomax that I take everyday. Well it helped the headaches tremendously and I lost 15 pounds. So a win, win.

Now when I get migraines though they are huge and I have been dealing with one for a few days now. So life hasn't been that crazy for the last couple of days. Sorry, I hope to have more craziness tomorrow.

Monday, October 3, 2011

31 Day Challenge - Day 3

Yesterday was rather tame, but we did make a huge decision after eight months of fostering a dog we made the decision to officially adopt Joe yesterday.

Let me tell you that Joe has brought some craziness to our life. Dennis found Joe and his friend back in February in the warehouse that he works in. It was one of the coldest days of the year and he couldn't leave them there. Dennis use to be always one of the first people out the door (he doesn't do that know since his promotion he has to make sure everyone leaves) so when he was still there one of the other guys asked if needed help. Not surprisingly he didn't need much help. Joe was shivering and jumped right in but Pete took a little longer to coax in, but Dennis finally did it.

We had the two of them in our house for a month. In that month Joe was banned from going to adoption and Pete was adopted. Joe was banned because he screams like a girl and couldn't stand to be out of my sight. I should have known that was going to be a problem.

Fast forward a few months.....Joe has been expelled from doggie daycare because he flipped out when I left. He had the police called on him. (We had a dog lunge at us on a walk one day and our big dog stepped on him because she got scared. Joe started his screaming like a seven year old girl. Five minutes later here come the cops.) My neighbor who I have never met has had hours of laughter because of what I say to Joe. "Joe, if you would just potty we could go inside and get warm. Please poop....." or my favorite "JOE, why is my underwear in the yard?" (We have a doggie door and I have found my underwear, shoes, remote control, the bath mat, and a couple of books in the yard.)

We love Joe and when we finally had a great adoption application for him I couldn't let him go. I am sure that he will bring craziness for many years to come.

Shea and Wolfie are still deciding how they feel about this addition.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

31 Day Challenge - Day 2

Just about me......

Yesterday wasn't nearly as "Crazy" as some days around here in fact it was rather calm.

I did have breakfast with my parents and nephew. Upon my return from breakfast yesterday there were was someone walking up my driveway to my front door. What does any "normal" person do? Why of course they go around the cul-d-sac and pretend they don't live there. I drove around for about 10 minutes talking to my little sister and then came back. Luckily by that time they were gone.

Stay tuned tomorrow it is all about the crazy dogs.

Now don't get me wrong I like talking to people as much as the next person, but I am extremely leery of answering my door. Our last house was broken into twice in three years. In fact the second time was when I was getting quotes for several repairs on the house. Not to say it was one of those people but it was rather suspicious. I am much much more careful these days. (Plus the second break in is why we sold our house.)

We also went to a street party last night. It was one of Dennis' best friends. We had a really good time especially since Auburn had pulled off a win and Alabama was winning.

Now me being me and I did have things to say. One of Dennis other friends was there with his brother. They live in the same town and hadn't seen each other since June. Come on. Then I got on to both of them because I knew more about their grandfather's travel plans than they did. Neither one of them had seen him or talked to him since before Labor Day. In fact one of them had been in Disney World at the exact same time his grandfather had been and didn't even know it. I gave a lecture. They needed it. Both of their grandparents are over 80. I probably don't talk to mine often enough but I would know what their travel plans are.

Well I am going to end this post with a couple of good lucks........Good luck Dennis on your final round in the club championship. Good luck Alexis in your Homecoming Race Today (my little sister has organized a run of about 500 at Alabama for Homecoming, it would freak me out). Good luck to the Saints I would really like a win today:)

For the rest of you guys I hope your weather is as wonderful as it is here in southern Alabama.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

31 Days of Just Me

I am joining a group of ladies in doing the 31 day challenge. The 31 Day Challenge is where you have a blog post for each of the 31 days of October.

I am going to share my journey through the month of October every single bit of it. I have has always said that I have a Crazy Life, but now I am going to share how insane it really it.

First and did you guys all make those awesome buttons? I must learn.

Today is October 1st and it is only 6:00am. Note my husband and I don't have any children the dogs just think it is their duty to get up this early every morning no matter if it is the weekend or not............

War Eagle and Roll Tide Roll. It's game day and we have a street party to attend. Dennis also has a golf tournament this weekend.

A Thursday night dinner party for my dear friend Miranda.
 Hope everyone enjoys this day that has been given.

Day 2 - Running away from people at your front door.
Day 3 - Adopting a crazy little dog.
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