Monday, October 3, 2011

31 Day Challenge - Day 3

Yesterday was rather tame, but we did make a huge decision after eight months of fostering a dog we made the decision to officially adopt Joe yesterday.

Let me tell you that Joe has brought some craziness to our life. Dennis found Joe and his friend back in February in the warehouse that he works in. It was one of the coldest days of the year and he couldn't leave them there. Dennis use to be always one of the first people out the door (he doesn't do that know since his promotion he has to make sure everyone leaves) so when he was still there one of the other guys asked if needed help. Not surprisingly he didn't need much help. Joe was shivering and jumped right in but Pete took a little longer to coax in, but Dennis finally did it.

We had the two of them in our house for a month. In that month Joe was banned from going to adoption and Pete was adopted. Joe was banned because he screams like a girl and couldn't stand to be out of my sight. I should have known that was going to be a problem.

Fast forward a few months.....Joe has been expelled from doggie daycare because he flipped out when I left. He had the police called on him. (We had a dog lunge at us on a walk one day and our big dog stepped on him because she got scared. Joe started his screaming like a seven year old girl. Five minutes later here come the cops.) My neighbor who I have never met has had hours of laughter because of what I say to Joe. "Joe, if you would just potty we could go inside and get warm. Please poop....." or my favorite "JOE, why is my underwear in the yard?" (We have a doggie door and I have found my underwear, shoes, remote control, the bath mat, and a couple of books in the yard.)

We love Joe and when we finally had a great adoption application for him I couldn't let him go. I am sure that he will bring craziness for many years to come.

Shea and Wolfie are still deciding how they feel about this addition.


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