Wednesday, October 5, 2011

31 Day Challenge - Day 5

The craziness of having dogs. Yep at times in this house it feels more like a zoo than a home.

Shea our first at our old house.
For example last Thursday night 15 minutes before leaving two of the three dogs come running in covered in mud. Gee thanks so they had to have a bath immediately before I left. Friday night before leaving the one dog that didn't have a bath the night before came in caked mud. So dressed completely up, I picked up a muddy, wriggly dog who refused to get a bath. That was just a taste of things to come.

Wolfie our second yep he is on the counter at our old house.
The dogs have all had a total of 10 baths in the last week. They are by far the cleanest dogs in the neighborhood and perhaps in Mobile at the moment.

Next up by dogs have sonar hearing. Yep they have turned into bats. They can hear the raccoons in our backyard. I mean it has gotten so bad the neighbor has asked to borrow our Shea to get rid of the raccoons. Um, raccoons are scary and carry rabies. I am sorry I can't do that to her.
Joe are newest and nuttiest.

Well our dogs definitely help us lead a crazy life. If it is bringing squirrels into the house or taking underwear into the yard you never know what they may do.


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