Our Home - The Before

It was a good thing that our real estate agent was such a good family friend of my husband's  family and that she actually knew him before he was even born because she actually laughed at me when I told her which house we decided on buying.

We were in a bit of a time crunch with the house we owned closing with in the month and no place to go, literally. I couldn't find an apartment that would take a dog over 50lbs and my parent's house was full. My in-laws would have taken us in but not the dogs. Yes we had wonderful friends that offered, but we would have never wanted to impose ourselves on them, so we searched and searched and searched.

Okay so maybe it wasn't that bad but we did look at 15 houses with our real estate agent and even more homes under construction without her. I even lost count. The Saturday we found our home was a last ditch effort and was the second to last house we looked at that day. She thought we were going to put an offer on the last house because it was brand new and we wouldn't have to do anything to it.

But no we chose the house with the psychedelic laundry room, which is how she described our house. I will just say the former owner loved color. Here are some pictures for your enjoyment.

The front of our house. I need one of our yard because that was the major selling point.
Our family room. Green, beige and you have to love the blue tile.

Our master bathroom. It is actually in an L shape and has mirrors on most walls.

Our master bedroom. I am not sure if you can tell that there is a thin hot pink line in the crown molding.

The view from our dining room to the front door and foyer. The whole wall was 10 foot mirrors.

Our family room into the kitchen.

The Florida room that has now become the dog room. It was going to be Dennis' man cave, but the dogs had other plans.

The psychedelic laundry room.

My future craft room.

Mother Earth in the craft room.

Up stairs bathroom sink area.

Up stairs tub area.

There are several more rooms in the house that I will add including the dragon room, which will be a guest room. We love our house and thankfully were able to see the potential even though there were many things that I wanted to change right off the bat. I hope you enjoyed the tour and will enjoy watching us turn this into our home.