Sunday, February 6, 2011

Decorating a Dough Bowl for Free!!!

I will admit that I am a pretty lucky girl. My parents neighborhood is exactly two miles from mine. Why does that make me lucky....well other than the obvious my dad has a huge collection of orchids and something is always in bloom.

So today I went by and raided it for a plant for my dough bowl. This time of year isn't always the best but there were a few beautiful flowers in bloom today.

I think it is funny but when I was growing up I thought that almost everyone had a greenhouse in their backyard. Most of my parents' friends had greenhouses, even the ones we would visit out of state. My parents would also force my sisters and I to visit any local orchid sellers when were on vacation. I can't remember how many times that we would be driving home for hours with an orchid that had an odd scent. (They had one that smelled like chocolate, by far my favorite. I think we picked that one up in Miami.)

On the floor of my dad's greenhouse are several other plants that I decided to uproot to put in the dough bowl. There are ferns and another plant that's name has escaped me. I also had two balls that I threw in along with some Spanish moss. The moss is from a wreath I did back at our old house. (It didn't take the move very well.) So the decoration in the dough bowl is certainly not something that will stay forever but will last for a week or two. Plus it makes me smile and it makes Dennis smile because it was free.

I hope you enjoyed. By the way the orchid shown is known as a Lady Slipper but it has an actual name, but I won't get to technical here (yes I forgot its name). If you have any questions shoot me an email and if I can't answer it I will ask my dad. One of my dad's favorite thing is to talk about his "other" kids.

I hope to share with you pics through out the year of the orchids that are in bloom so I hope you check back often.

Have a great rest of the weekend.


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