Wednesday, January 5, 2011

2011 Goals

Of course I have major goals for 2011 since we just moved into our house two months ago yesterday.

Goal #1. Paint over Mother Earth and The Dragon. Seriously Mother Earth and The Dragon are haunting my dreams. Of course we inherited these. I would never have a room called lemon zest. Plus you will have to wait for the unveiling of the dragon. Believe me it is worth the wait.

Goal #2. To Blog more often. I have so many before and afters already that I just need to get up. Our friends and family keep saying that can't believe what we have done in two months.

Goal #3. I use to think I was computer savvy until this whole blog world entered my life now I want to have one of those blogs everyone checks out. Instead of drooling over all of those blogs that I love maybe I need to read up on how to create a wonderful blog. I also would like to take better pictures. Hence I need a better camera.

Goal #4. I need to work on the bathrooms in our house. We have a bathroom that has six colors and the another one that literally glows in the dark. Help it is our master bath and we don't have a door between our bedroom and bathroom. (Note to self next time while looking for houses make sure that is a priority. I didn't find that out there wasn't a door until the day after we moved in and I went to take a shower.)

Goal #5. Shiny tile in the foyer is never a good thing, it needs to be gone.

Goal #6. I want to finish my craft room and actually do crafts. What a novel idea.

Goal #7. Is one that I will do no matter what...I will go to at least two of my baby sister's track meets. She is a sophomore at the University of Alabama and it is the only time I whole heartily root for Alabama. Other than that I am an Auburn fan, please please win the national championship.

Goal #8. To have actual patio furniture. We have a great patio, but no furniture. I am so looking forward to the warm summer nights outside with the my husband, friends and dogs. Maybe even an big crawfish boil sometime in March (my mouth is watering already).

I am sure that I will have more goals that will come to mind but I don't won't to overwhelm myself. I think that posting more than once a week may put me over the edge.

I also have remember that this is what we started with in our family room and now it looks totally different and that will be what my next post is all about. So I know that I can do anything given time and patience. Yep two things that I lack.


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