Monday, January 10, 2011

I Miss That Kitchen!!

First and foremost WAR EAGLE!!!!!!!!! Yes that is the way that I go. Our house is divided though and Dennis is an Alabama fan. O' well I will be saying Roll Tide this weekend in honor of my babysister's first track meet of the season on the University of Alabama's team.

Now that we have been in our house for two months I am realizing that though I love my new house there are things about our old house that I truly miss.

Number #1 on the list is the kitchen. It wasn't because it was huge, and it wasn't completely opened to the rest of the house, but it was everything that I liked. Everything in it was exactly what I wanted and had picked out.
I have a few before and after picture that I can share but unfortunately most of the pictures were on a computer that was stolen. Hence one of the reasons we sold our house. (That they broke in during the middle of the day with one of my dogs there gave me an extremely uneasy feeling that I couldn't shake.)

I pretty much decided that the kitchen needed to be redone long before Dennis and I actually were married. I think you can see why it was just not cutting it at all. To top it off you can't see inside the sink but it was just gross.

I started off the whole project painting the counter tops, which I describe here. That was all I was going to do at least that's what I told Dennis. Little did he know. Instead we almost did a complete overhaul, everything except the floors.

I liked the results of the painted counter tops but since I scorched it in a couple of places (I probably shouldn't be trusted around blow torches) I decided to look at other options. I priced laminate, but found a great deal on a granite slab. I know some say granite is overdone, but I still love it.

We were very lucky and did the whole kitchen for under $2,000. That includes granite, a new fridge, new oven range, new hood, all new hardware, new sink, new lighting, and a new faucet. My in-law's bought us the fridge. I found the pulls at Lowe's but found them much, much cheaper on line. I did buy all the hinges at Lowe's though. The range was such a pain you can't imagine. Since the oven was considered a "drop-in" there aren't that many options available. Plus with the bar behind it the range could only be a certain dimension. Well at least I scored a deal. I bought the range at Lowe's but still looked for it elsewhere. Once I found it somewhere else, I went to Lowe's showed them the print out and they refunded me the difference I paid plus 10%. I ended up getting about $400 off the original price.

Working for a construction company sometimes has its perks. The granite sink was free from one of my plumbers. He it had it left over from a customer who changed their mind. Plus the lighting through out the house and the faucet were all at cost through suppliers that we know.

I painted all of the cabinets but it took me a little longer than it should have. Lets just say our friends got real use to us having open cabinetry. I got rather bored with the process and the cabinets sat unfinished for months. I finally finished the whole kitchen and I couldn't have been happier with the results. Then less then a year later we sold our house and moved away. The kitchen is for sure one of the things I miss the most.

Dear old kitchen I miss your sunshiny feeling, but I know your new owners love you.

This is how the new owners found the kitchen when they moved in.

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Traci at ThreeDogsAtHome said...[Reply to comment]

I can see why you miss your old kitchen. You did a great job on it.

Erin said...[Reply to comment]

I'd miss that kitchen too! So much space!! :)

Meg said...[Reply to comment]

OH, such a nice kitchen. And all that work! Maybe now you can make your kitchen in your new house something you'll love as well? I love the white cabinetry. Great finds!

Have you joined my giveaway going on now? I hope you can!

High Street Cottage said...[Reply to comment]

Very pretty kitchen makeover. Stopping over from The Shabby Chic Cottage, happy Thursday

Bonnie@Creative Decorating said...[Reply to comment]

Your kitchen looks great! I have found many things to change at the next house. I am sure that will continue to happen!! The granite looks great!

Anonymous said...[Reply to comment]

Wow. You did a gorgeous job in your kitchen! I am currently working on my kitchen. Finally! We have been talking about it at my house for 2 years!

Kristi~The Slipcover Girl said...[Reply to comment]

what paint color is that on your walls?

the cape on the corner said...[Reply to comment]

wow, that kitchen renovation looks great! well done. and i don't think granite is overdone...i can't wait til we redo our kitchen and we install some!

Colleen @ MuralMaker&More said...[Reply to comment]

What a transformation! But I know what you mean . . . I've only done kitchen cabinets once and that was enough!

My niece graduation from Alabama. (sorry!)

Would love to have you share this on Passion for Paint this weekend!

Lisa said...[Reply to comment]

It turned out so nice. Stopping by on from the Friday Remodelaholics.

Comeca Jones said...[Reply to comment]

I know you must be trading the process over again but its always fun to redecorate!I will be waiting to see how you make your new spot your own.visit me @

Dawn said...[Reply to comment]

Hey guys! Thanks so much for your kind words. Yes I am dreading redoing our new kitchen but it has already started so stay tuned for those post. We do expect to have a big reno in our distance future.

Bonnie - Yes there are a ton of things I plan on changing in our new house.

CottageBeach - Good luck in your journey.

Kristi - I will have to get back with you it is a Behr all in one color but I don't remember which one.

Cape - I love granite and I don't think it is overdone, but I have for sure hear that on HGTV all the time. O well I don't always listen to the "experts".

Colleen - I will for sure stop by.

Comeca - Thanks so much it is for sure fun to redecorate. I just have many many more rooms than before.

Thanks again guys and it looks like we have beaten the flu bug in our house. Have a great weekend

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