Saturday, July 2, 2011

Where In the World Has Dawn Been?

I will admit that I have been absent for far to long. Many of the things that are in this post are still extremely fresh and every time I hear them my eyes feel up with tears. My family though is very blessed and very lucky.

I have talked about my younger sister Alexis several times on this blog before as being on the track team at the University of Alabama. She was extremely lucky during the tornadoes of April 27th that touched down in Tuscaloosa.

The day started as many others had this past semester, including a 15 minute conversation with my sister that morning about what was going on her life. Living in south Alabama our weather had been steadily getting worse all aftday and by 5:00 when I left it looked like it was going to storm. I checked Facebook before I left work and Lex had posted a picture from track practice where the weather looked like it was turning bad.

About two to three minutes into my drive home my best friend called and asked if I had talked to Alexis. I told her I hadn't and asked her why. Her husband is the district manager for Wintzel's and was in their Tuscaloosa store. He had called to tell her about the tornado. I wasn't really worried they had bad weather for weeks plus she was at track practice. They would keep her at there in the basement.

She and I stayed on the phone for the rest of drive home as she told me what she was seeing on T.V. boy it sure wasn't pretty. It was the longest 20 minute drive ever. As I was pulling into my neighborhood my dad called. I clicked over and and asked if Alexis was freaking out. He said "Yes, That's her I will call you back."

I have to apologize because you have to understand it is only 5:20 I have no idea what is going on in the rest of the state. I haven't seen the T.V. I am clueless but I won't be for much longer. I clicked back over to Brandi and said my dad was going to call me back because Alexis was calling him.

As I pulled into my garage (thank goodness I made it home) my dad called me back. I will never forget these words, "Alexis is okay, the tornado hit her apartment and her car is totalled. Goodbye." Yep, thanks dad, don't hold back or anything.

I clicked over to Brandi asked if I could call her back and immediately called Dennis and started hyperventilating. He didn't help telling me there wasn't anything I could do. Thanks not what I wanted to hear.

I hung up from him and figured that I would try Alexis, but doubted that I would ever get through. I was wrong. I have never been so happy to hear someone's voice. (By the way I still hadn't turned on the T.V., this probably was a good thing.) She started explaining what she was seeing. I couldn't quite grasp what she was telling me.

Did I ever the next day when we went to pick her up and heard her side........................


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