Thursday, July 14, 2011

My Camera

My Camera is currently traveling Europe with my little sister. She is studying in Germany for the next couple of weeks. Lucky her, lucky camera. I am not real sure how my camera ended up going but anyway. I am going to be using my mom's I just haven't picked it up yet because I started a new job. Well I guess I need to explain what happened to the old job.

While on vacation in Disney World in early May I really enjoyed my time off and just couldn't fathom going back to work full time. So after much thought and discussion Dennis and I decided it was time for some time off. I turned in my notice in early June. I left on very good terms. I worked for them for many years and was very sad to leave. We have a vacation planned for later this summer and I was going to look for a part time job after we arrived back. This would have given a few well deserved weeks off.

Well as things would have it the part time job fell into my lap before we left. So far so good. I am extremely busy and only work four days a week. I think that will allow me to do everything that I want to do. The funny thing is people keep on wanting me to do more things......people this is my fun part time job.

I am leaving you with a picture of Dennis and I at Disney World. This is the same spot where we stood during our honeymoon trip. Our trip was so much fun we met up with Dennis' sister, her husband, three wonderful daughters, and my mother-in-law. I always love going to Disney.


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