Monday, July 4, 2011

Party Settings - I Should Iron Tablecloths

Well I am going to take a short break from talking about real life because I don't want the blog to be to heavy. Most everyone who reads the blog on a regular basis knows the biggest change in my life and I go over that later in the week.

While on break though I did have a lots of fun. We had a girls night at my house back in mid-April. Most of my close girlfriends from high school were able to make it except for Brandi and she was sorely missed.

I of course have no pictures of us during party, but here are the pictures of my table before the party. I used my good china. Yippee!!! I am always happy when I get to do this:) Plus we sat at the dining room table another big plus for me.

I did decorating on a budget. One of our florist here has a great deal that you can buy a stem for a dollar. I take them up on this offer all the time. This time I bought five spider mums, five roses, and three some sort of tall stems.

I cored out five apples and and cut florist foam to fit into the apple. I was amazed how long these little apples lasted.

I used the rest of the flowers for a vase on our little side board.

Overall I was extremely happy with the way everything turned out and I always love spending time with girlfriends we never seem to get enough of it.

(These pictures do tell be one thing. I need to iron tablecloths..................)


Leslie said...[Reply to comment]

Very nice! I don’t believe in giant centerpieces on a dining table...typically we have dinner with people we want to actually see! (btw...I’m also horrible about ironing tablecloths!)

Karen @ THEBUSYBUG said...[Reply to comment]

Lovely centerpiece.....I hate ironing, I usually put my ironing in the dryer!

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