Friday, July 9, 2010

Wow!! Lots of Changes!

It is amazing how much my life has changed in the last two months!!

Where have I been??? Well I have some exciting news, Dennis and I decided to go ahead and bite the bullet and buy a new house. We are being a little smart about this and have put our house on the market before we officially decide what our next move is going to be.

We basically know the area we want to be in, but we aren't real sure if it is a new house, old house, or what. We maybe living in an apartment before we actually make a finally decision, but that isn't that bad.

We did lots of painting around our house and de-cluttering to put the house on the market and in fact we are having a Yard Sale tomorrow to hopefully sale some of our stuff. We did get those new windows and instead of a concrete driveway we got a new asphalt driveway. We also had lots of fun landscaping our yard. When I say we, I mean me. I did most of the heavy lifting, but I did have some help from my niece and nephew one day so they could earn extra money for their trip to Disney World.

Our vacation was absolutely wonderful. We went to Cape San Blas and had a blast. It was great weather, good times with good friends.

Well wish us luck on this new endeavor and on the Yard Sale and have a great weekend.

House on the Market - 3 days
Showings - 0 (That is so sad)


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