Tuesday, April 6, 2010

New York Or Bust

Well maybe...Dennis and I received an invitation to our youngest nephew's First Communion this morning. It will be held on Long Island the first weekend in May. I have found some pretty cheap plane tickets but I am not sure if we can swing it for both of us, since we will be going on vacation the first week in June.

If not there is no telling what I might purchase while Dennis is away if he decides to go by himself. The last time he was gone, I bought a slab of granite. This was a total impulse buy that I have never ever regretted. About a month after painting the counter tops, I saw signs around town for a granite store going out of business. This just happen to be around the time that Dennis left to go watch the PGA Championship at Bethpage in New York.

I have to be honest about this trip...Dennis and I had planned on going to the golf tournament together almost the entire time we had been dating. Unfortunately when it came time to buy the plane tickets my grandmother had just been diagnosed with terminal cancer. Dennis debated on leaving me or not that weekend because my grandmother wasn't expected to make it through Monday. She passed away four days after he got back.

Didn't mean to get so depressing there, so back to my granite. I followed the signs and discovered that it was the same place that my parents had purchased theirs from about three years earlier when they redid their kitchen. I found the most gorgeous piece of granite and purchase it on the spot. No discussion with Dennis or anyone. No this is not something I would normally do. The whole piece cost me $600 and would fit my kitchen perfectly. I actually have a ton of counter space and a bar so I felt like it was a great deal. There of course was an additional charge for the cutting and finishing. The installation was done by someone the granite guy recommended. They were much cheaper than I expected and did a great job. (Also the same guys who did my parents.)

There were a few problems though. Dealing with someone who is going out of business is a pain. If he had not done my parents I may have steered clear. The day the granite was supposed to be installed the installer could not reach the granite guy to pick the pieces up. After a very nice/nasty text message from me he finally contacted the installer. (Nothing like telling someone you feel like they are taking your money and advantage of you.) The install was supposed to begin at 12:00 pm. It didn't start until 4:00 and didn't end until 9:30 that night. (Nothing like the granite installer singing songs from Grease along with the movie at 9:00 at night.)

There was a ton of work that I did in between the painting of the counter tops and the granite getting installed and I will get more into that tomorrow. The picture attached is Wolife sitting on one of the counter tops, (please ignore the mess). No our dogs don't normally get on the counter tops, but someone left a chair next to it and Wolfie can't resist looking out windows.

I hope to get those curtain rods today. Yea!!!!

Have a great day and I hope this week moves faster!!


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