Sunday, March 20, 2011

I'm Back!!!!

Okay well it has been a crazy last month. I was lucky enough to foster Joe and Pete our foster dogs. While it is very rewarding to be able to foster animals having two puppies in the house is an adjustment and does not lend it self to much craft time or painting time.

This past weekend Pete was adopted, but we still have Joe. Pete is going to be an amazing dog and I miss him greatly. I wish I could keep them all.

Also that last few weekends, when I get most of crafting done, has been gorgeous down in the deep South. It has been warm and sunny. It makes it very hard to stay inside. Believe me once summer comes I will not want to be outside.

We are enjoying our new yard. So far the daffodils have bloomed. They were a bit different than what I am use to. I am use to the yellow daffodils, these were white with pink lips. (I can't believe I didn't get pictures.)

Our azaleas are about to peak in the next couple of days. I think we have 8 varieties, there may be more. Our Gerber daisy is in bloom and the day lilies look like they are going to bloom like mad. The hydrangeas are leafing out (I can't wait for those to bloom)

Over all I am so happy with our back yard and I still love it. Will probably plant a few knockout roses though since I love them so much.

Hope you had a great weekend and stay tuned. Enjoy the pictures!


Mary @ Framed and Tagged said...[Reply to comment]

Your flowers are beautiful! I need to be in the yard but instead I'm on the computer admiring everyones blog.

Have a great day!!

Nicole said...[Reply to comment]

So gorgeous! Ours are no longer blooming. Isn't it funny that we have all this beauty while northern friends have snow pictures? Plus side for them is no allergies yet!

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