Sunday, March 27, 2011

I Have a Dirty Secret......

Okay so my close friends know it isn't that dirty......I hate to clean. I detest cleaning. I can do it and I know how to keep a clean house, but there is so much I would rather be doing. I would rather do anything than clean my house. (Side note here: I have never cleaned a toilet in my house during my married life. I absolute refuse. I am not the one that gets its Dennis is in charge of toilets.)

We aren't dirty people but between the two of us and two/three dogs the house gets messy. Most weeknights I don't get home till six and I sure don't want to clean after that. Our weekends are so full between my volunteering and Dennis' golf who wants to clean.

So for spring cleaning this year I decided to bite the bullet and hire someone. Best investment I ever made..............

DD came highly recommended by two of my friends but she also cleans the house of one of Dennis' golfing buddies. So we felt pretty comfortable with her cleaning ours. Not like she is going to ruin three other relationships by messing with our house.

I packed Shea and Wolfie up for doggie daycare because they needed play time, baths, and their nails done. I also took Joe our foster dog, but he was expelled from doggie day care. Yep he a is 10lbs ball of TROUBLE.........

Since Joe only made it an hour at doggie day care before I had to take him home. DD had just started when I brought the doggie school drop out home. It was around 9:30. She was cleaning our laundry room garbage cans. (Poor dear that is the nasty one in the house for some reason.)

When Dennis came home at 5:30 she was out side cleaning our patio small feat considering the pollen that was all over it. She also blew off all three of our patios. I am not sure if they had that since we moved in.

It gave me such a comfort to come home from a stressful day at work to a clean house that night. I got to enjoy my weekend. I went to see Lex's home track meet. I played in my backyard. I had dinner with Dennis family Friday night. I did paper work (not fun but it needed to be done.) I worked on a new craft project. I probably wouldn't have gotten those things done if I had had to clean all weekend, but I didn't:)

Of course I will have to do touchups here and there until her next visit, but I won't mind so much because it isn't overwhelming.

Yes maybe the money could go to something else, but it is going to my peace of mind. You know this is a risk I am willing to take to enjoy life a little more.

PS - This is a picture of me and the track star:) I look awful, but you get the idea


Lauren @ YoungNester said...[Reply to comment]

I hate cleaning too :)

Nicolette @ Momnivore's Dilemma said...[Reply to comment]

Good hook over at CG. When I worked FT I had a cleaning lady. Now, I do it all as a SAHM. Want a cleaning lady more now than when I was working...

Ethnic Girl Fun said...[Reply to comment]

You deserve it...with a schedule this busy...who has the TIME to clean. My mom was a housecleaner for years....she made a lot of people happy...her house always looked so awesome...not sure how she cleaned after cleaning all day, though!

Meredith said...[Reply to comment]

I have the same dirty secret :-) Working FT with a child there's no way I want to come home and clean or waste my weekend doing so. My "secret" visits every 2 weeks and I touch up in between.

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